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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve watched any of my cover videos, then you’ll know that I am influenced primarily by U2. My other major influences include: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Queen, Muse, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Arcade Fire, St. Vincent, The Tragically Hip, and Leonard Cohen.

Nope. Writing guitar tabs is actually more time consuming for me than creating entire backing tracks from scratch! I always provide a clear view of my fretboard in my videos to help you out. If you can’t figure out a particular section of the song based on the video, leave a time stamp in the comments and I’ll help you out with it when I get a chance.

Sorry, but I don’t upload my Helix patches. Unless you’re using my exact guitar and my exact audio monitoring equipment, any patches I upload will sound a little different on your end. I believe it’s far more useful to learn how to build up your own patches from scratch, and helping you to get to that point is one of my goals with this website. 🙂

I initially started out with Audacity and Reaper, but have been using Cubase exclusively for years now. Learn more about why I prefer Cubase here.

That’s a long story, recounted in greater detail here! In a nutshell: I made a sign, I stood in a General Admission line all day, I ended up being in the right place at the right time, and Lady Luck smiled upon me.

I haven’t been in a band since my high school days, way back in 2003. I really miss being in a band. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find like-minded musicians with similar day job schedules.

Because you keep asking me this question. 😕 Jokes aside, I always want to keep the focus squarely on my guitars and what I’m playing — not on me! I’ve never been comfortable on camera, and have no interest whatsoever in becoming a stereotypical YouTube influencer. Also, just as a reminder: women who play guitar are no different from men who play guitar. We want feedback on our guitar playing, not on our physical appearance.

He’s still around (and on a diet)! In my earlier videos, my fat tabby cat could often be seen waddling around in the background or sitting indifferently next to me, because I recorded my videos close to his food bowl. When I moved in with my boyfriend (now my husband), I set up my music gear in our spare bedroom … which is nowhere near the cat’s food bowl, and thus nowhere near the cat. I made sure to give him some cameos in this video.

Sorry, but I’m not accepting low-effort guest posts on random technology- or business-related subjects. Not now, not ever, so please stop asking. 😎 This is not your typical SEO keyword-riddled, backlink-oriented blog. I blog for fun and to inform, not to improve your website’s Google search rankings.