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New Fender Vintera II Series: Who’s the Target Market?

Fender just launched a new product line, and all the usual YouTube influencers are buzzing. With an average MSRP of CAD $1,689.99, though, I must ask: who is the target market of the Vintera II Series?

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Helix Native vs Helix Floor: Why You Actually Need Both

Should you buy Line 6’s Helix Native plugin or one of their hardware units, like the Helix Floor or HX Stomp? If you’re into home recording, I’ll tell you why you should consider buying both!

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Arturia Synth Sale

Arturia Virtual Synth Sale (2023): Only Two Weeks Left

Arturia are well-regarded for their realistic emulations of analogue and digital synthesizers. I am personally a huge fan of their work. Don’t miss out on their 2023 Summer Sale — it’s almost over!

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Thoughts on Guitar GAS and how to Manage It

How to Manage Guitar GAS in a More Sustainable Way

Are you locked in a constant cycle of seeking out more gear than you need? Learn how to manage guitar GAS in a way that’s better for the environment (and your wallet).

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Cubase is the best DAW for creating backing tracks.

Cubase is the Best DAW for Creating Backing Tracks

Are you interested in creating your own backing tracks for your guitar covers? If so, consider using what I believe is the best digital audio workstation (DAW) for the job: Cubase.

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I Don't Play Les Pauls Anymore, and Here's Why.

I Don’t Play Les Pauls Anymore, and Here’s Why

Heavy, uncomfortable, and awkward are all words I’d use to describe Gibson’s most iconic guitar. Learn why I don’t play Les Pauls anymore, and find out what I use as an alternative.

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A blue Herdim pick that is losing its edge.

Is Your Herdim Pick Losing its Edge?

You may know that The Edge of U2 uses a Herdim pick to get that percussive chime of his. But did you also know Herdims wear out over time? See and hear the difference in this post.

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