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New Fender Vintera II Series: Who’s the Target Market?

Fender just launched a new product line, and all the usual YouTube influencers are buzzing. With an average MSRP of CAD $1,689.99, though, I must ask: who is the target market of the Vintera II Series?

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Recreating The Edge's tone on U2's Boy.

Recreating The Edge’s Guitar Tone on U2’s Boy (1980)

Do you struggle to replicate the sound of U2’s first album on guitar? If so, this post will educate you on the basics, recommend some gear, and help you build your own Boy patches from scratch.

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How to Humanize MIDI Drums in Backing Tracks

How to Humanize MIDI Drums in Backing Tracks

Learn how to humanize your MIDI drums by keeping three core principles in mind: dynamics, placement, and variation. Instantly add energy and emotion to your backing tracks by following this guide!

How to add MIDI drums to backing tracks.

How to Add MIDI Drums to Guitar Backing Tracks

Mapping out MIDI drums is easier than you think! This tutorial guides you through the process of adding MIDI drums to your backing tracks, and recommends the best tools for getting the job done well.

Helix Native vs Helix Floor: Why You Actually Need Both

Should you buy Line 6’s Helix Native plugin or one of their hardware units, like the Helix Floor or HX Stomp? If you’re into home recording, I’ll tell you why you should consider buying both!

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