Greetings! I’m Steph Van Linden, and I started my YouTube channel back in 2007. I created this blog in 2023 to share what I’ve learned since then with fellow hobby guitarists and prospective content creators. Click on one of the following blog categories to get started, or keep reading below for more information about me and this website.

About Me

I’ve been playing musical instruments for fun since 1999. My primary instrument is the guitar, but I also dabble in bass and synth. I am entirely self-taught. The Edge of U2 was my (unofficial) teacher — I spent many hours watching U2 concert tapes and DVDs during those early days.

I first started recording guitar covers in 2002 to share online with my friends and family; this eventually led to me creating a YouTube channel in 2007. Without really intending to do so, I gradually amassed several thousand subscribers and over a million total views.

Driven by the unexpected growth of my channel and my love of learning new skills, I took every opportunity to improve my recording techniques and gear. As time went on, multiple viewers on YouTube expressed an interest in learning more about my video creation process. And with that, the idea of creating my own website first came to mind.

Site Objectives

My primary intention with this site is to share what I know about content creation in a friendly, personable way that is easy to follow. My hope is to provide you with a viable alternative to the impersonal, jargon-filled websites that tend to dominate this niche. Rather than overwhelm you with gear reviews and pro-level production tricks, I’ll tell you more about what has worked for me. After all, there’s a good chance that if it worked for me, it’ll work for you too!

Content Schedule

I aim to write at least one article per week, day job schedule permitting. There will be times when I will not be able to stick to that schedule, as this is just a hobby for me, and life happens! I am always open to suggestions for new content, so feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about something that’s not covered here.

How You Can Support Me

If you like this site and want to know how you can support me, you can help out just by spreading the word. Feel free to link back to this site on YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, guitar forums — wherever you interact with other hobby musicians and content creators.

Contact Me

If you have a question that is specifically related to the content of this website, you can contact me via YouTube. Please review the FAQ at the bottom of the contact page before reaching out, as your question may have already been answered.